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Policy Analysis | April 1, 2009

What are the laws addressing felon voting rights in the SLC states?

The legal ability of people with felony convictions to vote varies from state to state. Some states allow felons to vote from prison while other states permanently ban felons from voting even if they have been released from prison, parole, and probation, and paid all their fines.

The map below gives a quick breakdown of the practices of the Southern Legislative Conference (SLC) states regarding felon voting rights. Specifically, 10 SLC states allow people with felony convictions to vote after completing their sentence and four states allow some people with felony convictions to vote, barring those convicted of specific crimes or requiring a waiting period. Finally, Kentucky and Virginia remain as the last two states in the nation that permanently disenfranchise all people with felony convictions, unless they receive individual, discretionary, executive clemency.