Colleen Cousineau

A message from

Colleen Cousineau

Director, Southern Legislative Conference
Director, Southern Office of The Council of State Governments

Dear SLC Members and Colleagues,

We are looking forward to a new year, following a very successful 71st annual meeting in Biloxi, Mississippi, and already preparing for the legislative sessions ahead. Until we see you in St. Louis, July 21-25, 2018, for our 72nd annual meeting, we will be reaching out to you in a variety of ways and through several different avenues.

In the coming months, look for several new publications on an array of policy issues which fall under the purview of our six standing committees. Additionally, we have a number of issue-specific delegation fly-ins planned for legislative members and a host of opportunities to provide training and professional development for legislative staff.

During the upcoming legislative sessions, we will be in the state capitals meeting with Conference officers, members and staff, coordinating legislative testimony when requested, and responding to myriad information requests. Our face-to-face meetings during state visits provide us with invaluable insights, allowing us to gain a greater understanding of what policy issues are of paramount importance to our states and region.

The strength and durability of the Southern Legislative Conference is a testament to the commitment and strong engagement of our Southern region’s legislative leadership and members at large and, with your ongoing participation and support, we will continue to serve our elected and appointed officials in a manner consistent with the high standards set by you, our members.


Colleen Cousineau